EY Construction is Winnipeg's top choice for kitchen renovations. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. A great kitchen can make cooking and entertaining a fun task instead of a dreadful chore. Show us your kitchen and we will show you our best ideas to make it into a brand new space. Here are kitchen renovation ideas that are popular with our clients:

The countertop of your dreams

Granite, marble, quartz. Whichever countertop you've been dreaming of, we can make it happen. Turn your kitchen island into a standout statement piece worth of being the centre of attention.

Turn up the colour with a backsplash

The humble backsplash used to protect your walls. Now it is your opportunity to make a statement in your kitchen decor. It's an easy way to add texture, colour and pattern to your kitchen. From trendy subway tile to elegant marble to colourful mosaics - if you can imagine it, we can create it.

Re-think your layout

A better layout will make it easier to use your kitchen to its full potential. How many cooks can you fit in your kitchen? If you have no elbow room to work, we can help. Are you cut off from your guests when you check on the turkey? If you want an inviting open concept, we can help.

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