EY Construction is Winnipeg’s top choice for basement renovations. We have the expertise to turn you dreams for a finished basement into stunning reality. Here are some ideas for basement renovations that are popular with our clients:

Add top of the line insulation

Adding vapour barriers to prevent mold, and top quality insulation to keep warmth in your house. Quality insulation can save you a lot of money off your heating bill over the cold Winnipeg winters.

Improve the lighting

Basements don’t need to be dark caverns. Just because you don’t have a lot of natural light doesn’t mean it can’t be well lit. Recessed lighting is a very popular option for basements if you are putting drywall over the pipes in the ceiling.

Finish your laundry room

A finished laundry room can significantly improve the chore of laundry. Give yourself cabinets for storing cleaning products, shelving to sort and fold laundry, and rods for hanging delicate clothing. Consider a laundry chute to make it a breeze to get your clothes to the washing machine!

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