Granite vs Quartz Counter Tops

Stone countertops have become increasingly popular choice for kitchen renovations these days. Their simple elegance provides a sense of permanence reminiscent of something from ancient Greece or Rome. These beautiful counter tops have become the centre-piece of many beautiful kitchen renovations.

Contracting companies have given many homeowners a great sense of pride in their kitchens. All stone countertops are beautiful, but, If a stone countertop is something you would like for your kitchen renovation, then it is important to know the benefits and drawbacks between the different types of stone.


Granite is a solid stone that is mined and sawed into tiles; quartz is an engineered stone that is manufactured from a mixture of crushed quartz, resin and pigment for colour. The colouring in quartz is more consistent because it is manufactured. Granite has a natural colour variation. If you are trying to match colours with cabinets, wall paint or wallpaper then you will have an easier time with the quartz. The artificial colouring of quartz gives a greater versatility over that of granite.


One thing to consider before you start your kitchen renovation is the durability and maintenance of your stone countertop. Granite is very beautiful; however, it does have vulnerabilities. The stone will need to be sealed and resealed at regular intervals. Granite counter tops are also prone to staining. If your granite counter top has been sealed with a resin-based product in the manufacturing process it will be more resilient to stains, cracks and chips. Quartz is more resistant to heat, such at that from a hot pan. Although the engineered stone, quartz, is overall more durable both should last a lifetime depending upon the quality of care.


The cost is another factor everyone must consider before starting your kitchen renovations. Quartz is usually a bit more expensive than granite. The difference in price is usually modest and in some cases quartz can be found for cheaper than granite. The important thing is to shop around and find what each retailer has to offer. Don’t forget to talk to your local contracting company.

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