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Erik Yeo

Founder & CEO

Erik has been doing residential and commercial renovations for 15 years in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  He grew up in the Winnipeg and has made many friends in the community over the years.  He enjoys many popular pastimes in Winnipeg, including: hockey, curling, football, camping and grilling in his back yard.

His focus on kitchen renovations, basement renovations and bathroom renovations has left many happy customers over the years.  At a young age Erik learned that he had a gift for building and creating.  He discovered his love for creating while building treehouses as a child.  The fun that Erik and his friends had building and playing in these treehouses further reinforced his love for building.  As his creations become more and more elaborate his parents encouraged him to use his skills to pay the bills!  Erik learned that he could get paid to do what he loved.  They say that if you do what you love you will never work a day in your life.  Erik’s lifestyle embodies this to the fullest extent.  Ever since discovering his calling Erik has been developing his craft one satisfied customer at a time.

When forming EY Contraction he decided that he wanted to build a reputable business with integrity.  He believes that clear communication with the client is key.  Being clear with the customer about the timeframe and having an accurate quote goes a long way in delivering satisfied customers.    These values have allowed Erik to generate many repeat customers and enthusiastic referrals.

Erik’s customers have learned first hand how valuable a kitchen renovation can be.  Some of Erik’s renovations have added thousands to the selling price of their houses.  Often times a kitchen renovation can yield property value increases 30-40% higher than the renovation’s budget.

Thank you for your interest in EY Construction.  Let us know if you have a need for kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations or basement renovations.  Whether you have a vison or would like Erik help you design your dream renovation don’t hesitate to call or email us today!


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